Seated: Claud Rick Roberts in action at KYOK radio!


Rick Roberts standing over young Michael Jackson

Interview with Sandra Massie Hines of Sunnyside! (Family friend)

From Roberts son’s blog:

Dad was a native Houstonian, and started his radio career at WBOK-AM in New Orleans.   He spent bulk of his radio career starting in 1967 in the Houston area at KYOK-AM as its program director and at KTSU-FM before he retired in 1993.


  1. Linda Johnson March 23, 2013 3:11 pm 

    A Radio Legend Rest In Peace!!!!

  2. BOBBY OJAY March 25, 2013 8:48 am 

    I’m sorry to hear about the passing of Rick Roberts,I met Rick in 1973 when I was hired to work at KYOK….I was only 20 yrs old,A long way from Home but Rick was very kind to me. he helped me to grow and he taught me a lot about the Radio Business.Rick was a really Good GUY……RIP Rick

    • LILLIAN April 3, 2013 4:13 pm 


      I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE ALIVE AND WELL! We missed you at the funeral and celebration. PLEASE, PLEASE (James Brown style) respond.

      Lillian George

  3. JOHNNY GOYEN March 26, 2013 12:35 am 

    I have been a friend of Rick Roberts for many years & had the pleasure of working FOR Rick as a D.J./Personality at KYOK. I have worked for many Houston radio stations & many program directors over the years & I will tell you KYOK was my favorite & most loved radio job ever. My very first radio job was at KYOK in 1965. I was part time while I was 15 and still in high school. Over the next few years, I worked for other Houston stations and always had the strong desire to return to KYOK ad a full time D.J. In December of 1971 Rick Roberts re-hired me for a full time position at the station I loved so much. As I reflect back, that was the happiest day in my radio career. Rick was an excellent person to work for. He was always kind, understanding, & an outstanding talent. Rick’s love for radio & his ability to nurture & develop radio talent was the best I have ever seen. As a young boy, I grew up with great radio legends from both KYOK & KCOH. I will always remember where I came from & those who gave me their time & encouragement in my days as a kid teaching me radio. I will say that I remember each & every one of these early DJ’s. Many are gone today, but I will never forget them. I am happy to say that I never lost touch with Rick over these many years. I was blessed with the chance to speak TO him by phone just day’s before he passed. That was one last time I got to say “Thank you Rick, for all you did for me & what you have meant to me over all these years”. I will miss him very much. My Love To Rick’s Family & Many Friends. Johnny Goyen (Former KYOK D.J.)

  4. Sandra Massie Hines March 26, 2013 10:56 am 

    Thank you Isiah Carey and Fox.26 for making a difference.
    Claude “Rick” Roberts was kindhearted and loved by many. The entire month of March is dedicated towards March on Crime. Thank you for helping the family of Rick Roberts get further assistance from HPD

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