Employees at the Houston Airport System got the surprise of the day Tuesday afternoon when the Houston police department showed up. They came with a warrant and handcuffs for an employee…41 year old Kertecia Mond.  She serves as the chief internal auditor for the city’s airport system. Mond, who has been with the airport system for about a year, came here from Jacksonville, Florida. It’s where she served in a similar capacity. Florida is where the warrant came from that prompted her arrest in Houston.  The charges are forgery and filing false insurance claims. According an arrest warrant Mond is among five employees who allegedly defrauded AFLAC insurance company for short term disability benefits in 2011. That’s while Mond still worked for the Jacksonville International Airport.  Investigators say she enriched herself by more than $14,000 in claims she didn’t deserve. Detectives in Florida also say Mond is accused of falsifying documentation and changing two physicians’ statements to get the disability benefits. Officials from the Houston Airport System confirm the arrest was carried out by HPD for the Florida Department of Financial Services Fraud division… Spokesperson Darian Ward released this statement to FOX 26 News: We understand Ms. Mond has been ROR- Released on her own recognizance. She did not have to post bail, she will not be extradited and this issue may be resolved soon.  The City’s legal department will handle the internal investigation and confirm any information with her attorney and the States Attorney’s Office. Certified public accountant Bob Martin says while the details are still being sorted out in Mond’s case – her professional career may be damaged beyond repair. He says it could potentially affect the financial books over at the Houston Airport System. Martin says, “in light of this will her audits have to be redone?  I would say no but at a minimum any decisions that she made in connection with the audit it needs to be reviewed.” Ward says Mond remains an employee of the Houston Airport System and could return to work as soon as next week… That’s if this legal issue is cleared. Update: Florida attorney Marcus Barnett represents Mond.  He says he’s certain the charges against his client will be dropped. Barnett says Mond was a victim in the insurance fraud scheme.  He says a former supervisor forged Mond’s name on the documents in question. He also says, “we’re resolving the case through cooperation with the state.”-