It was last week when Houston City Controller Ronald Green spoke about a scathing audit on the Houston Airport System.

In that audit Green reported questionable spending and charges to the city along with the potential for millions of dollars in loses to taxpayers.

The audit focused on a multimillion dollar contract between Clark Construction and the HAS.


Now, the airport is responding with this statement released to the Factor:

The construction contract for Hobby was awarded in 2005 and was intended to be completed in phases. Phase I, and the subject of the City Internal Auditor’s report, was completed in 2008. At this time we believe we are less than $40,000 apart from being in agreement with City Internal Audit on the amount owed by Clark Construction—this on a contract of over $65 million in value. Having taken the time to thoroughly vet the discrepancies found we are in a position where we and the Legal Department can pursue with vigor the reimbursement to the City of any amounts we believe are owed, and to deduct these amounts from retainage held by the City under the contract. We continue to work closely with the City Auditor’s office and believe we can have the findings related to this contract resolved within the next four to six weeks.

Darian Ward

Public Information Officer

Houston Airport System