FOX 26 News introduced you to Peaches, a self-confessed prostitute who worked on Bissonnet Street.

“We’re out here all night all night sometimes,” said Peaches.

During that interview, Peaches, who has been prostituting for 19 years, actually serviced a customer while the cops were patrolling.

“That don’t stop a veteran, that goes with the job,” said Peaches at the time.

Almost a year later and 120 days in the county jail for drug possession, this is Peaches today, part of the Been There Done That recovery program. She’s not working now, but is proud to now go by her real name, Kenya Latour.

“Clean and sober, ex-prostitute,” says Latour. She adds that she had to hit rock bottom before turning her life around. She also says her appearance on FOX 26 made her a target.

“The police did a raid in a vacant apartment that I was living in and when they came in, they specifically asked for Peaches,” says Latour.

“All the yets I have talked about on our first interview had become. Then one of the questions you asked was, ‘Is it dangerous out here?,’ and I made the statement, ‘Yeah we all go through things, tricks not wanting to pay girls, being raped,’ and I hadn’t been raped yet. Well, I’ve been raped twice now since that interview, since that interview,” adds Latour.

“Getting syphilis, whether it was rape or tricking, alerted me that I have no control,” says Latour. “Working girls are suppose to have the check ups they’re suppose to do the doctor visits my addiction had so much control over me that it didn’t matter about a doctor visit.”

“I don’t ever want to get to the point where I think I got it or where I think I’m well because I’m only a hit or trick away from slipping up,” shares Latour. “I look back on it doing the interview with you at that time was cool to me but now when I see myself then and what I looked like to what I look like now I wouldn’t go back to Peaches for nothing in the world. Kenya is who I like and who I want to be.”

Latour says she has even joined a church and is taking life one day at a time.



  1. sunshyne84 April 11, 2013 10:33 pm 

    I’m very proud of her. She seems almost too intelligent to ever have lived that life and I wish her continued success on her journey. It’s never too late to start over if that’s what you truly want. There’s so much more in store for her life!

  2. LaShonda Craig April 11, 2013 10:45 pm 

    Kenya, you keep striving for excellence. Your testimony will help that young woman who is going through the samething and feel that there is no way out. You are a shining example of what God can do. Many blessings to you Kenya.

  3. reeree April 18, 2013 9:57 am 

    Kenya I’m proud of u I once was on forumpark & woodfair but god delivered me off them streets it took one time going to jail & I was like no I have never got raped or had any stds buy the graces of god I’m currently tryin get in a program helping people’s like my self higher dimension church help me to do better regradless of what I did I still got up every Sunday for church I’m glad for u tho & god bless u

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