After weeks of delaying I finally went out and purchased the new Samsung Galaxy Camera.

It’s the latest in technology when it comes to digital cameras.

The EK-GC100 gives you the capability to instantly share your ‘high quality’  photos on social media and with others.

Keep in mind I wrote high quality photos because anyone with a cellphone can instantly share their pictures…but you don’t always get great shots.

The GC100 also has a slot for a sim card so that you may take advantage of a data service or simply use the wifi option.

What’s also great about this camera is that it comes with the Android operating system installed.

That means with Jelly Bean 4.1 at your figures you also have access to all of your Google Play Store apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Since I purchased it Sunday I haven’t had a chance to see how well it shoots just yet but stay tuned for that update.

The device comes in white, black, and red or wine.

The price on the camera varies depending on where you buy it. 

The basic wifi model can be purchased at Best Buy (White only) for $450.

The version with the data plan from ATT and Verizon vary from $550 to $599.