Houston ISD police have charged a Westbury High School student with making a bomb threat against the school earlier this month.

Rodney Joseph Sauls, 18, is charged with making a terroristic threat, which is a state jail felony that carries a maximum possible sentence of two years in a state jail.

Authorities have been forced to evacuate Westbury High School six times this month because of bomb threats. During the course of the investigation, HISD police received several tips, which included key information submitted via Crime Stoppers. These tips and other evidence led HISD police to file charges against Sauls, who was arrested on Monday at the Harris County criminal courthouse, where he was appearing on an unrelated matter.

“We take threats against our school communities seriously, and we are committed to investigating these threats vigorously,” said HISD Police Chief Jimmy Dotson. “Our students, teachers and staff have a right to feel safe in our schools. We are grateful to those students who were brave enough to come forward and help bring this case to a resolution.”

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  1. Durrel Douglas April 23, 2013 10:20 am 

    I sure hope they don’t throw the book at him. Teenagers do stupid things, but the severity of jail time might ruin his shot at life.

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