Press Release: In 2012 HISD came to us seeking $1.89 Billion of our hard earned tax dollars. They came into our churches and Homeowner Association meetings telling us how important passing this bond would be for our children and LOCAL businesses. We now see that Terry Grier, Ana Eastman, Paula Harris, Rhonda Skillern-Jones and Dan Bankhead sold us a bill of goods. Not only are they raising our taxes, but LOCAL firms who have had a long history of working with the community are shut out. The HISD Board of Trustee’s decided to send your tax dollars to Columbus, Ohio and other cities outside of Houston; where YOU pay taxes. 

We have seen HISD campaign for bonds in the past, only to come into the community and close those same schools that the bond was supposed to benefit. Just ask community leader Travis McGee how HISD’s Paula Harris and Terry Grier came into Sunnyside telling voters one thing and doing the complete opposite. If Terry Grier, Ana Eastman, Paula Harris, Rhonda Skillern-Jones and Dan Bankhead have their way, schools that were once the lifeblood of our community will be just a distant memory. We have seen HISD Trustee’s AWARD FRIENDS LUCRATIVE CONTRACTS and defend themselves from CORRUPTION CHARGES using YOUR tax dollars to get away with it.

Here is an example of how Terry Grier, Dan Bankhead and HISD Trustee’s like Ana Eastman and Paula Harris award contracts to Top Campaign Contributors: Construction Chaos At Waltrip? Contractors Status In Question…

Do you see the pattern? We have to wonder why HISD decided to stop work on Worthing High School as well. There has been a push to close our local community schools for ages; and now the HISD Board is carrying out the wishes of those who want to see Yates, Kashmere, Jones, Sterling and other local minority schools gone! HISD has already worked out a back room deal to take over North Forest ISD along with its tax revenue, land, buildings and JOBS. The HISD Board is taking away YOUR history and what could have been the rest of your families history. Terry Grier, Ana Eastman and the rest of the HISD operatives should be ashamed of themselves. 


Note: I placed a call to HISD’s communications office and so far we have not received a response.


“HISD is keeping the promises made to voters and taxpayers before they approved the largest school building bond package in Texas history with

69 percent of the vote. More than half of the 23 firms approved so far to design and engineer this first wave of construction projects are certified minority/women-owned business enterprises. Twenty of these firms are based in Houston and the other three are partnering with Houston firms. These firms were chosen with input from the school communities and with input from experts from local architectural colleges. HISD is proud of these numbers, which were achieved despite state laws that prohibit school districts from giving preference to local businesses during the bid evaluation process. Our primary focus in this bond program is to provide 21st Century learning environments for all students while being the best possible stewards of taxpayer dollars.”


On a side note, do you know anything about the group distributing this ad? Are they even a group, or just someone with a grudge? Did they even exist before now? It strikes me as a shakedown attempt by someone who’s upset that they lost out on the bid. In any event, you’ve essentially given a forum to someone to level anonymous, patently false claims.

Jason Spencer

General Manager, Media Relations

Houston Independent School District