Following the success of award-winning books, The Big Payback and A Head Start,  author Cederick Tardy will release his next set of books in the Connection Series entitled The Seven Secrets and A Flying Start  in May, for mothers and sons, respectively. One of Tardy’s goals is to help mothers and their sons form a team-based relationship as a foundation for fostering a healthy, respectful bond.


He knows firsthand, how difficult it can be for a young man to express himself to his mother. Tardy aims to spare his readers some of the difficulties he faced finding direction and developing a relationship with his mother. “This is not a motherhood survival guide, but a how to “smash it” and feel good whatever your circumstances,” says Natural Child World magazine in a review of Tardy’s The Seven Secrets. “Mr. Tardy has done his research and having gone through a whole host of terrifying situations at a very young age, including drug addiction and run-ins with the police, he has emerged as a mentor and leader to young people in similar situations. The book aims to empower mothers of sons, particularly single mothers, to raise their sons as ‘young leaders’.”


Alfred Edmond, Jr. of Black Enterprise magazine describes Tardy’s The Big Payback as “an indispensable tool for young women who struggle to guide their sons to healthy, productive manhood.” Edmond also says, “…both mother and son transform tragic experiences into a wonderful blessing for other mothers and sons.”


Other book reviewers have described Tardy’s writings as having “power to unlock many people out of despair and direct them towards their destiny,” “a manual with practical exercises that addresses real problems and offers viable solutions,” and “flawlessly the best book for the male of today.”


Through his writings, Tardy guides mothers on a path toward productive parenting. The Houston-area raised professional draws upon his personal journey from childhood to adulthood. “My relationship with my mother has definitely made me a unique man,” says Tardy. “I cook. I clean. I iron. I do all the stuff most guys say women should do. Not growing up with my father definitely made it hard to find my manhood.”


Tardy worked through his challenges and sought mentors and role models. Bonding with them was not always easy. Tardy eventually had to pull himself out of a hole after a series of self-destructive choices stemming from confidence issues. Through teamwork with his single working mother, Tardy was able to climb from the hole and emerge as a better man. He continued his growth in adulthood through the U.S. military where he learned how to take on responsibility. He even eventually managed to form a connection with his father.


Tardy’s books as well as his videos on Houston’s Voice include valuable topics such as Understand Your Child’s Non-Verbal Communication, How to Keep Your Son Motivated, and Destiny and Purpose for your Family. Tardy also talks directly to sons with messages such as What 5 Questions Should Young Boys Ask Themselves? Overall, Tardy advises parents to have or create a plan with and for their children, and then keep boundaries in place to ensure that goals are met. The videos correlate to book chapters and are meant to reinforce important themes in the books.


Currently available on Amazon.com, Tardy’s books are set to release for Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12, at a reduced price of $9.99. For more information, visit http://cedericktardy.com.


About Cederick Tardy

Texas-based Cederick Tardy is the founder of the nonprofit organization S.T.R.O.N.G, as well as Cederick Tardy Enterprises, LLC. Tardy aims to teach mothers and sons to form productive relationships and lay a path toward success for current and future generations. Tardy has authored numerous books and videos and is available for book signings, seminars, and speaking engagements. He is a veteran of both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy, and has carried skills learned as a commissioned officer as well as earlier in his life from his single working mother into a productive civilian life. Tardy has received three certificates in Six Sigma from Villanova University and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Phoenix.