Press Release:
“3rd Ward and Sunnyside in National Report for the Ten Highest Crime Communities In the Nation, Reports news Media Across the Country”
…Houston Now Is The Time and its official, according to News Reported this week in Houston and across the Country. 3rd Ward and Sunnyside, made a National Real Estate list of the ten worst or should I say highest Crime areas in the United States. It is hoped tht our efforts over the past several weeks, months and years can be a positive influence on getting issues such as employment, mental illness, addiction, education and related disparities addressed by City of Houston and Harris County Leadership.
….As we go into the Summer, there have been “No Jobs” announced for teenagers or programs that will address the thousands of young people roaming the City and County, as I have said before, “Chad Holley is Loose”.  Does your organization, group, Church or agency have any ideas or would like to share relevant information that can be promoted over the next few weeks about solutions that can help protect, and engage the community. If so, please join us on Friday, 7:30am, This Is It Restaurant.
What: Now Is The Time, Houston Coalition Meeting
Where: This Is It Restaurant, 2712 Blodgett, #rd Ward Texas
Why:  Summer Teen Employment, Programs, Mental Illness, Education, etc.
Please feel free to reply with a RSVP, if you have something special to share or would like to present information on behalf of any elected leaders or organizations. Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing you in the Morning. Its A Blessing.

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