Mind, Body & Spirit

 Hosted by: Kim Soo Karate & Asia Houston Network

~ Saturday, May 18, 2013 ~

Cost: Free (Pre-registration required)

9:30 am: Door opens 
10:00 am: Demonstration & Workshop
11:45 am: Event Concludes
12:00 noon Photo Op (Optional)
 Kim Soo Karate, 1740 Jacquelyn (@ Long Point)

It’s not about the size or strength, but attitude and skill. Asia Houston Network and Kim Soo Karate will host the 4th annual Mind, Body & Spirit, a free women’s self-defense seminar and demonstration. Participants will learn how to use leverage, momentum and vital pressure points against an attacker and how to employ practical, easy-to-learn blocks, strikes and throws.

What is Chayon-Ryu?

Chayon-Ryu (Korean for “Natural Way”) teaches natural body motion as the basis of all techniques in order to promote power, safety, health and fitness. From this system, one becomes self-confident and gains self-esteem. With these components, one is able to fight the everyday enemies, which are internal such as stress, worry, insecurity, jealousy, impatience, defeat and depression.

Grandmaster Kim Soo

10th Dan Black Belt and Founder of Chayon-RyuThe youngest 10th-degree black belt in the world,Grandmaster Kim Soo oversees the Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association, which includes 26 additional locations in Texas, 24 in 20 other states, and one each in Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Chayon-Ryu is the largest martial arts system of any style in the Southwestern U.S. For more information, click here.
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