I received an email from a Factor viewers who wanted to know why they were seeing locks on urinals around Houston.

I did some digging and it appears to be a problem nationwide.

People are stealing urinal valves to sell for the metal.

So far it’s not a major problem in Houston according to John Cannon with the Houston Police Department.

But it appears some local businesses are taking precautions to prevent it here with urinal valve locks.

Here is an article from the New York area where the urinal valve thieves have already struck:

On April 1st the Parks Department discovered that thieves had stolen plumbing from the comfort station in Franz Siegel Park in the Bronx. The bathrooms have been out-of-service since.Last Saturday hundreds of ballplayers as well as friends and families were forced to find other places to relieve themselves.”We have to go in the bushes,” said a member of the Canabacoa ball club playing on the poorly maintained fields. “We’re used to it.”According to the Parks Department, 4 flush valves (approximate value $500 each) were stolen. The agency replaced the valves this week and they should be open today. – Geoffrey Croft

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  1. steve brown May 11, 2013 7:21 am 

    Happening here in houston too. Until the city puts more pressure on the scrap metal companies about receiving stolen merchandise it will continue to happen. I mean its been reported several times that the brass flower holders are stolen from cemetaries but the crooked scrap metal companies still buy them without punishment. Hell if someone shows up with over 100 brass cemetary flower holders thats not scrap..lol

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