(HOUSTON, TX) June 3, 2013 –Mr. Basim Shami, CEO of Farouk Systems, Inc. (FSI), and other executives will be heading to West Texas on Sunday, June 9, to donate $100,000 in CHI®™ and BioSilk® products to salons owners and victims devastated by the explosion that took place last month. 


FSI, in partnership with West Texas Relief Organization and Armstrong McCall, will be distributing products and tools at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 9 at West Columbus Club (KC Hal) 2547 Jerry Mashek Rd., West, TX. 76691.


15 people were lost in this tragic event, 160 people were injured and over 150 buildings and homes were damaged or destroyed from the explosion that was triggered by ammonia nitrate. FSI’s assistance includes non-ammonia salon products and tool kits for salon owners and shampoo, conditioner, blow dryers and hairstyling irons for members of the community.