Houston Mayor Annise Parker today released the following statement regarding the Supreme Court uling about the Voting Rights Act:

“Although I respect the court’s decision that the Voting Rights Act still applies, I share the concerns of many who believe the uncertainty now surrounding its application could have a negative impact on the progress we’ve made since the end of Jim Crow.  Clearly, there is much more to do to ensure that the promise of America is available to all.

It is encouraging that the Court did not invalidate the power of our government to safeguard the right of every American to vote. But it will be a very heavy lift to unite majorities in our current Congress to pass a fair bill that provides adequate protections. I ask all Houstonians, and all Americans, to join me in urging Congress to act with all due speed.  In the meantime, the City remains committed to full compliance with the basic tenets of the Voting Rights Act.”

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  1. Lucas Jackson June 26, 2013 10:49 am 

    What a bunch of horse excrement. Mayor. I’m going to go put my rubber boots on, it’s getting really deep in here.

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