Thousands began showing up in the Montrose area before temperatures soared well above the 90’s early Saturday…but as expected it did not stop the party.

One woman said, “besides the heat it’s pretty fun everybody is just happy.  ”

One single issue brought all of these people together.  Some Houstonians others from out of town…all to express their pride.

Michelle Johnson says, “just awsome, plain awsome I love it.  ”

This year’s annual pride celebration comes with extra meaning, extra purpose after landmark decisions out of Washington D.C.

Troy Watson is from Houston. He says, “I thought this day would come and I’m glad it came sooner than later. ”

Watson is well aware of the significant action take by the US Supreme Court.  The body struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and refused to rule gay marriage was unconstitutional in  California.

Watson, who attended the pride parade with his daughter and partner, embraces the decisions.

“I think the supreme court decision is going to be good for everybody. It’s not about politics it’s not about games. It’s about love and being with someone you care about,” says Watson.

But for some in 2013 there’s still a lot of ground to make up for LGBT community around the country.

Then we ran across Bruno Lopez with about a half dozen other people.

He says, “I’ve never seen anything like this. This is not what the media shows on television.”

No pride parade goes without protesters. Lopez had a look of disgust on his face with his fellow protesters. Their signs said it all and delivered their message to a crowd that in some instances mocked them while others told Bruno and the gang to go home.

He says, “I came down here here because I want to see what it’s all about….how do I explain to my kids.”

The Houston police officers we were near didn’t report any significant problems despite thousands of people showing up for Houston’s Pride parade.