Harris County sheriff’s deputies and Houston police officers captured a handcuffed man in downtown Houston this evening about two hours after he ran from deputies while being booked into the county jail.

Johnathon Richmond, 29, appeared unharmed after being caught hiding in underbrush on the south bank of Buffalo Bayou at Austin and Commerce Streets about 50 yards from the jail’s inmate processing center. After his capture around 7:15 p.m. he was returned to the jail in a patrol vehicle.

Escape charges will be considered against Richmond and the Sheriff’s Office will review booking procedures. A Houston Police Department helicopter, Sheriff’s Reserve Marine Unit and K9 units helped conduct the search for the inmate.

The airborne HPD crew used thermal detection equipment to identify the escapee’s likely location and directed a boat crew and officers on foot to the bankside area.

Among the officers who pulled Richmond from the underbrush at that spot was Lt. Tommy Shelton, a supervisor in the Communications Divison, which includes 911 call-taking and dispatch.

“He had handcuffs on so he couldn’t put his hands up,” Shelton said of the capture.

Earlier in the day, Richmond had been arrested in Harris County on a larceny warrant issued in Jefferson County.

Photo courtesy of the HCSO.