I’m quietly scanning the airport gate/boarding area in the terminal looking for other disappointed faces. 

I know there has to be someone who feels just like me….a sucka. 

When I first booked my ticket on Spirit Airlines I felt as if I was winning.

I thought I had the bargain of the year for my trip to Florida.

When I did some online research and compared the prices of tickets to Orlando on other airlines Spirit came out on top.

The carrier that’s relatively new to Houston was $100 to $200 cheaper than the rest.

Then on the day of travel I was hit with the cold hard reality that Spirit charges $100 for two bags.

As I approached Spirit’s kiosk at George Bush Airport I noticed another disturbing sign. 

That notice indicated if I needed a boarding pass printed it would cost me another $10.

But back to my bags…I was shocked that Spirit has one of the highest baggage fees in the industry.

And get this – your luggage is expected to be lighter than the industry standard weight of 50 pounds.

That means one extra pound over their 40 pound limit results in another $25 charge or fee.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Just because something appears to be affordable doesn’t necessarily make it cheaper.

I learned that the hard way with Spirit.

So, let’s do the math. 

By the time I get on my return flight from Florida I would have spent $570 in fees.

Now, just imagine if I would’ve flown Southwest at the $300+ price they were charging…I would have saved money.

After this expensive trip at what was suppose to be a deal something just doesn’t sit right with my spirit!

Update: Total baggage cost on Spirit Airlines: $210 = they got me good!

Did I mention you have to pay for everything including pretzels?

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  1. Lauren July 31, 2013 4:49 pm 

    They also charge for beverages (even soda and water) and snacks.

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