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Galveston County prosecutors say the woman accused of video taping a 14 month old being sexually assaulted by the child’s own grandfather is going to prison for 15 years.

Friday a Galveston County judge sentenced 24 year old Alisha Drake to a decade and a half in the Texas prison system.

That’s after Drake was found guilty on a charge of sexual performance by a child.

Investigators say the grandfather in this case was Drake’s boyfriend.

Adam Poole with the Galveston County District Attorney’s office says Drake will also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.



As we first reported here Drake is accused of video taping her boyfriend – 34 year old Jason Michael Grant – as he allegedly sexually assaulted his granddaughter back in 2012.

Grant is scheduled to go to trial in October for sexually abusing the 14 month old baby girl.


The Factor has learned Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson has died.

For at least a year Anderson has waged a war with cancer and sources say that battle was lost at midnight.

So far there has been no statement released from the Harris County District Attorney’s office.

A source close to Anderson says his office will release that statement within the hour.

Anderson took office in January of this year after defeating fellow Republican Pat Lykos.

Mike Anderson was 57 years old.

He released this statement in May of 2013 to his staff after rumors he was battling cancer:

“To my D.A. Family, I have been diagnosed with cancer. I have great doctors and am undergoing treatment. I fully intend to beat this. Many people have asked how they can help me. I would ask that you keep me and my family in your prayers and continue to do the great work that you’re doing to make this the best D.A’s office in these United States. Proud to serve with you, Mike”

Statement issued:




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A street level prostitution sting in a school zone in east Harris County conducted by the HCSO’s Vice Unit, with assistance from Harris County Constable Precinct 3, resulted in six arrests. 

The focus of Thursday’s operation was on individuals who sell and solicit sex in a school zone in the Cloverleaf subdivision in east Harris County. 

The operation entailed undercover female deputies posing as prostitutes working the streets, along with male undercover deputies canvassing the area for females soliciting money in exchange for sex.

In all, five men and one woman were arrested and charged with prostitution.

They are identified as:
Jennifer Darnell 
Carlton Lewis 
Julio Cortez 
Ezequiel Muñoz 
Gerardo Rodriguez-Zomora 
Carmelito Reusora 


An Audit Report on the Texas Education Agency’s Investigation of the El Paso Independent School District,

SAO Report No. 13-047 

Overall Conclusion The Texas Education Agency (Agency) failed to perform a thorough and effective investigation of serious cheating allegations in the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD).  At the direction of the U.S. Department of Education, the Agency investigated allegations made by an elected official from the El Paso area of wide-ranging cheating in El Paso schools designed to circumvent federal No Child Left Behind requirements.  After the Agency concluded in 2010 that the allegations of cheating could not be substantiated, two independent investigations confirmed that widespread systemic cheating had, in fact, occurred.  The Agency’s investigation was significantly deficient in several areas. 

Specifically: – The Agency neglected to investigate all of the cheating allegations.- The Agency did not travel to El Paso or attempt to interview individuals with knowledge of the cheating schemes, including EPISD staff, an elected official who had filed a written complaint, parents, or students. – The Agency conducted only a desk review and relied primarily on self-reported information submitted by EPISD. – The Agency disregarded certain sources of specific, credible information that substantiated the cheating allegations. – The Agency did not dedicate sufficient resources to its investigation of EPISD and assigned primary responsibility to only one investigator.  In addition, Agency management failed to provide oversight of the investigation, with no member of management reviewing or approving the investigation’s scope, approach, procedures, or findings.  The Agency lacks a consistent and effective process to conduct investigations concerning manipulation of federal accountability data.  The Agency does not have sufficient processes and controls in place to effectively identify and investigate possible noncompliance with school accountability requirements. 

Specifically:- The Agency’s reliance on investigations that school districts and charter schools perform increases the risk that systemic cheating will not be identified. – The Agency does not analyze data that could identify systemic cheating.  – Several high-level Agency administrators stated that it was not their responsibility to identify and analyze information that may indicate systemic cheating designed to circumvent federal accountability requirements.  – The Agency does not have a process for employees to report monitoring observations, questionable practices, possible cheating, or other concerns to Agency staff who may be able to initiate investigations. 

In the months preceding and during the Agency’s investigation of EPISD, staff in separate Agency divisions received inquiries and anonymous complaints that were individually considered insignificant but in the aggregate could have raised flags of serious and pervasive deficiencies at EPISD. 

The Agency’s policies regarding anonymous complaints deter individuals from reporting cheating.The Agency does not investigate anonymous complaints except in specific instances, such as when complaints allege violations of test security requirements.  While that policy is intended to discourage frivolous and excessive complaints, it also results in the Agency not investigating serious complaints from witnesses who do not want to be identified because they are fearful of retaliation. 

This was the case for many individuals with knowledge of the cheating schemes at EPISD.  In addition, the Agency lacks an effective complaint management system.  Agency-wide monitoring of complaints is a time-consuming, manual process.  Agency management does not have a centralized system that it can use to monitor and analyze complaints for potential problems or trends.  As a result, the Agency may not address serious complaints in an appropriate or timely manner. Summary of Key RecommendationsThe deficiencies in the Agency’s investigation of the systemic cheating that occurred in EPISD reflect the overall weaknesses in the Agency’s processes for investigating noncompliance with school accountability requirements. 

Auditors identified several areas in which the Agency should strengthen those processes.  All specific recommendations related to the audit findings in each chapter are listed in Chapter 4 in the Detailed Results section of this report. 

Some of the key recommendations include:- The Agency should create an office of complaints, investigations, and school accountability and appoint a senior executive officer to oversee that office.  The senior executive officer should approve key decisions related to the overall investigative function, as well as individual investigations.- The Agency should ensure that it allocates sufficient resources to school accountability investigations.- The Agency should modify its policies so that it accepts anonymous complaints related to school accountability.- The Agency should establish an effective automated complaint tracking system.- The Agency should analyze data it maintains to identify potential systemic cheating designed to circumvent No Child Left Behind requirements.- The Agency should develop and implement written policies and procedures to:– Follow professional standards in performing its investigations.– Require investigators to contact and interview individuals identified in complaints selected for investigation. — Assess and verify the information (including data and documentation) that it intends to use as evidence for investigative findings. – The Agency should submit a report on completed investigations to the Governor’s Office and substantive legislative committees. – The Agency should develop a process for sharing information related to school accountability across Agency divisions.- The Agency should establish an internal hotline and email address to allow Agency employees to anonymously report concerns about violations of school accountability. – The Agency should ensure that its Web page clearly directs how parents, teachers, school district employees, and members of the general public can report to the Agency issues related to school accountability.



Officials in Montgomery County are sending that warning for Labor Day about drinking and driving.

Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam says no refusal will be in full affect over the holiday weekend.

He says deputies and officers from the area will be out looking for those who break the law!



For Immediate Release:

“No War with Syria Rally”

Date: Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time: Noon 12 p.m.

Location: Westheimer & Post Oak (near Starbucks)

An alliance of activists and concerned citizens from around the city are coming together to oppose the possibility of an attack on Syria.  Industrial Worker’s of the World, Third Ward Defense Network, East Side Social Center, Broke Ass Society, The Houston Free Thinkers, and Occupy Houston ask that you join us.We call on every American to join us in saying no to yet another U.S. invasion. We recognize that peace cannot be reached through bombs, drone attacks, and murder; peace is created through compassion and forgiveness, which must come from within. Please join us this Saturday as the American people gather across the country to begin a campaign to stop the United States government from invading Syria. We stand in solidarity with countries around the world in participating in this worldwide protest in telling President Obama, “NO MORE!”We welcome all media to be in attendance of the rally. This rally is expected to be peaceful and family friendly. We are expecting diverse groups ranging from political parties/affiliations, activist groups and so on.We will have 3 speakers for the press: Neto Diaz for spanish inquiries, Cody Adams and Beth Valar Dohaeris for Houston Free Thinker inquiries, and Shere Dore for all other press.We look forward to your presence in the hopes that medias will help spread the message that Houstonians are speaking up and making it clear that we do not want to go to war.Contact:Shere Dore – Occupy Houston (



From Deric Muhammad:

Mayor annise Parker says that under her administration the she has demolished over “2,000 crack houses.” Over 2,0000!!!!!!!!!!!…Crack houses??????!!!!!!!! She has spoken these words from her own mouth at political forums and even from her twitter account. she sent out a tweet at 6:34pm on august 17th spewing this nonsense.

We resent these claims and believe her words to be insulting, insensitive and careless to the black community. We challenge mayor Parker to produce the addresses of over 2,000 structures that have been demolished during her administration. And furthermore, we challenge her to authenticate her claim that they were indeed “crack houses.” Since she cannot do this we demand that she publicly apologize the the black community for using such racially stereotypical insulting language. and furthermore, we demand that she stop using that language, effective immediately.   Crack house-an old, often abandoned or burnt-out building in an inner-city neighborhood where drug dealers and drug users buy, sell, produce, and use illegal drugs, including, but not limited to, crack cocaine   does mayor Parker really believe that every abandoned address in the Black community is or was a “crack house?” Does she really believe there are over 2,000 of them? 2,000!!!!!!!!!!! Does she know that “not every abandoned building is a crack house and not every crack house is an abandoned building.” This is but a sign of her disrespect and obvious disregard for the black community and it’s core issues. We will also discuss how the black community suffers under her leadership; from police brutality and employment, in particular.