This is a letter from a Factor viewer:


My name is Danyelle Jackson yesterday 8-4-13 I visited a Starbucks, I ordered my drink a grande green tea frappe which is a cold blended beverage. I drank more than half of it and began to stir it when this black object appeared. I immediately called the store and spoke with the manager named Matthew he said I could come in and he would make me another one which was definitely out of the question for me. I returned to the store that night around 930pm to speak with XXXXXX who told me he would be there until closing which was 10pm. When I returned all the Starbucks employees including Sean told me that he was in the back doing something and he couldn’t come out HE NEVER CAME TO SPEAK WITH ME ABOUT THIS BUG IN MY DRINK. I am highly grossed out because I have frequented this Starbucks for a while now the customer service was extremely horrible and I feel like they think this is a big joke the staff were no serious a all. The employees was laughing like it was funny and in this picture you will see that nothing is a laughing matter about this situation. Before this I had a huge bug phobia now I’m sick to my stomach all the time I’ve made an appointment to my family doctor to check for parasites because I nearly drank the whole drink. Please help.

Danyelle Jackson

Update: The Factor called the manager at the Starbucks and he said he an his staff offered Jackson a refund. However, Danyelle says she was offended by the lack of concern by the staff and wants an apology from the manager.