This is an email from a Factor viewer:

Hello, my name is Jimaniece Ware.

I would like to report a story for the Isaiah Factor.

I’m a resident of Kirkwood Landing apartments located at 9850 South Kirkwood, Houston, TX 77099.

 I have seen several bats inside my apartment.

Recently over the weekend I woke up to a bat flying over my bed and I have a 2 year-old in the home.

I immediately vacated the apartment and called the maintenance emergency line.

The apartment representative did not return my call.  So I proceeded to contact animal The City of Houston Animal control department.

When they came out they did not find the bat.  Several hours later I noticed what looked like a bite mark on my toddler face under his left eye.

I immediately took him to his Pediatrician who recommended that I take him to the Texas Children’s ER, where he had to begin a round of about a set of about 15 rabies shots.


The office staff for the apartments, which is managed by The Lynd Company, was very rude and tried to imply that I was not telling the truth about seeing the bat.

They refused to send out a pest company to investigate and told me “that not my problem,” when I said I was not wanting to sleep on an apartment with my child that had bats.

I was forced to wait from Saturday until Monday for them to attempt to send someone out to check out the problem.
They also refused to accommodate me and my family with an alternate living arrangement until they fix the issue!

On today, Monday no one showed up and the bat flew out of my fireplace and was flying around my apartment.

I called maintenance again whom told me they did not see any bats in the apartment.

Isaiah, I am at my wits end and am tired of leaving my home because the management Company refuses to fix the problem.

Please help me get to the bottom of this.  I am very afraid bats are very disgusting creatures and I refuse to let them get away with not taking care  of this.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Jimaniece Ware

Update: I placed a call the apartment complex but we have not heard back from the manager.