(Houston, TX) – Julia Smekalina, press secretary for Ben Hall, issued the following statement regarding Ms. Annise Parker’s recent negative campaign ad and comments she made during a press conference on the future of Houston’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:”This is a typical move from a professional politician who has just launched her Goodbye Tour. With no record to support her insider funded campaign, Ms. Parker has decided to play the only card she’s comfortable with: launching a negative campaign as an attempt to drag Houston’s voters into a dirty fight.I enjoyed Ms. Parker’s first ad and thank her for highlighting Ben’s ongoing conversation with the people of Houston. It is unfortunate that Ms. Parker refuses to talk to Ben directly and still has not accepted a single one of our offers to debate him on the issues in front of Houstonians. Despite Ms. Parker’s best efforts, we will continue to discuss the important issues facing this great city. Ben has been an active taxpayer, business leader, philanthropist and supporter of Houston’s communities since arriving here 27 years ago. But the failed policies of Ms. Parker have made it abundantly clear that Houston needs a new vision for a brighter future and leadership strong enough to get us there.”

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  1. Dollface October 9, 2013 5:41 pm 

    Hi Isiah,

    I understand Ben Hall is/was Quanell X’s attorney for many years – that says a lot about his character and more people should be made aware of this! Also, it’s disappointing that there is no televised debate between Hall and Parker – all we have to go off, when we vote, are the commercials the candidates pay for.


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