150 members of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus met on Saturday to consider endorsements in the November 5, 2013 Houston municipal races and races for Houston Independent School District and Houston Community College

Mayor Annise Parker and 25 other candidates attended the four-hour meeting, during which candidate qualifications, campaigns, and support of equality issues were discussed and debated at length.  All eligible candidates previously completed an extensive candidate questionnaire and sat for an interview with members of the Caucus Screening

“As always, our members engaged in spirited and passionate debate over which candidates are best equipped to serve Houstonians and the GLBT community.” said Caucus President Noel Freeman.  “It is a very difficult process when you have so many great candidates competing for our support.”

The full list of endorsed candidates is as follows:

        Mayor                                   Annise D. Parker
        Controller                                      Ronald C. Green
        City Council, District B                        Jerry Davis
        City Council, District C                        Ellen R. Cohen
        City Council, District D                        Assata Richards
        City Council, District H                        Ed Gonzalez
        City Council, District I                        Graciana “Graci” Garces
        City Council, District J                        Mike Laster
        City Council, District K                        Larry Green
        City Council, At-Large Position 1       Stephen C. Costello
        City Council, At-Large Position 2       David W. Robinson
        City Council, At-Large Position 3       Jenifer Rene Pool
        City Council, At-Large Position 4       C.O. “Brad” Bradford
        City Council, At-Large Position 5       Jack Christie
        Houston ISD Trustee District 1  Anna Eastman
        HCC Trustee District I                  Zeph Capo

The Houston GLBT was founded in 1975 and is the oldest GLBT civil rights organization in the South.

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  1. james Horwitz September 13, 2013 11:56 pm 

    Your group obviously endorsed candidates too early.. there was no rush to do so. I am a candidate running against Jack Christie for Houston City Council Position at Large 5. I got into the race because no one was willing to challenge Mr. Christie who values are not good for the LGBT community. Take a moment to learn about me.


    I am a local attorney practicing law in houston for over thirty-five years. I get results-ask your friends about me. My entire life has been about helping all people achieve equality and equity. I have raised two sons to reflect my core values, and I will not sit by and watch someone Like Mr. Christie roll into another term. Read about me and particularly my position on issues affecting the LGBT community. Ask Eli Olivarez , the co-founder of the Rio Grande Valley’s chapter of the Stonewall Democrats who was elected at the Texas State Democratic Convention in June, 2012 and is leading his organization’s statewide efforts. He is a friend and knows my values well. I was with him when our friend, Judge Gilberto Hinojosa, became the Texas Democratic Party’s first Hispanic chairman. Judge Hinojosa, Eli, and I cheered on Democratic values for equality especially for the LGBT community at the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina a year ago.

    Sometimes it’s just not right “to go along to get along”“. Please consider making a statement for ALL OF HOUSTON and revoke your endorsement of Jack Christie and consider my candidacy,

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