Judy Dubose says if you do the math it’s just good business sense to move the manufacturing jobs for her Baytown based company back to the states.

Dubose says company officials made a major decision after years of having Kiwi brand golf tees manufactured in China.

She says by the end of the year all manufacturing will be done in Texas.

Dubose, who serves as Chief Operating Officer for Kiwi Golf, says it costs more to have their products made in the east and then shipped to America.

The executive says Kiwi will soon build a major plant employing at least 50 people at the $1 million Texas based company.

Here’s more about Kiwi Golf of Baytown:

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  1. Richard Lindstrom October 14, 2013 4:58 pm 

    Dear Ms. Dubose,

    I am a retired healthcare executive and have been devoting some of my time to serve as the Co-Chair of a golf tournament held in the Austin, TX. area. The organization promoting the tournament is the Austin Chapter of the Assoc. of Operating Room Nurses (AORN). AORN is a national organization which was founded over 50 years ago. It currently has in excess of 50, 000 members and local Chapters throughout the country. The mission of the Association is to support the advancement of nursing education via student scholarships, special training courses, workshops, and seminars. On a local level, chapters throughout the country hold various types of fund raising events to achieve this goal. The Austin Chapter’s main fund raiser is a golf tournament and the16th annual tournament will be held in April or May of 2014.

    In appreciation of those who participate, we like to provide them a gift bag of “golf goodies.” We expect between 80 to 100 players and I would like to inquire if your firm would be willing to donate a small bag (perhaps a dozen tees per bag), for each player. If necessary, we would be willing to except a bulk shipment of tees and we will have a volunteer make individual packets.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of my request. IRS tax exempt number available upon request. I can also provide you with a brochure from our last tournament.

    Rick Lindstrom

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