1. PBMom August 30, 2013 9:02 am 

    Just going from the video, absolutely. She may have been argumentative and verbally abusive with the cops (wish there was audio), but that still does not give them any justification for that level of escalation of violence.

  2. Michelle August 31, 2013 1:58 pm 

    Naaaa…Shes okay.
    They didnt hit,punch,kick or do anything to her but subdue her by pysical force.
    People have no respect for Law Enforcement of any kind.
    These men with the guns also would have placed them selves between her and a bullet the next day.
    If shes there,there must be a reason.
    I dont think Jasper should also be singled out.
    Take it from me…In the jails of Tomball,Galena Park,Jacinto City,Houston,Champions,and Humble THIS is done repeatedly if you deserve it.
    I used to have a ticket problem….lol
    Didnt really need to be in a jail…
    But If you put yourself in this kind of situation these things are seen or done to you…
    DONT BE IN JAIL…Being the only solution 😀

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