For Immediate Release:

“No War with Syria Rally”

Date: Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time: Noon 12 p.m.

Location: Westheimer & Post Oak (near Starbucks)

An alliance of activists and concerned citizens from around the city are coming together to oppose the possibility of an attack on Syria.  Industrial Worker’s of the World, Third Ward Defense Network, East Side Social Center, Broke Ass Society, The Houston Free Thinkers, and Occupy Houston ask that you join us.We call on every American to join us in saying no to yet another U.S. invasion. We recognize that peace cannot be reached through bombs, drone attacks, and murder; peace is created through compassion and forgiveness, which must come from within. Please join us this Saturday as the American people gather across the country to begin a campaign to stop the United States government from invading Syria. We stand in solidarity with countries around the world in participating in this worldwide protest in telling President Obama, “NO MORE!”We welcome all media to be in attendance of the rally. This rally is expected to be peaceful and family friendly. We are expecting diverse groups ranging from political parties/affiliations, activist groups and so on.We will have 3 speakers for the press: Neto Diaz for spanish inquiries, Cody Adams and Beth Valar Dohaeris for Houston Free Thinker inquiries, and Shere Dore for all other press.We look forward to your presence in the hopes that medias will help spread the message that Houstonians are speaking up and making it clear that we do not want to go to war.Contact:Shere Dore – Occupy Houston (