Press Release: After today’s press conference in partnership with Spring ISD, Bishop James Dixon issued the following statement as read to media earlier today:

We, a coalition of ministers from the Spring and Houston area are pleased to be here and we thank the media for responding to our request. 

Wednesday, September 4, will always be remembered as a day a profound tragedy. This is certainly true for the family of Joshua Broussard and other families directly impacted, but it is also true for the students and faculty of Spring High School as well as Spring ISD officials.

In fact, this tragic incident strikes at the heart of all of us. In the face of tragedies of this kind, there are many issues to manage; and while no one does it perfectly,  the officials of Spring ISD, beginning with school principal, Donna Ullrich, Superintendent, Dr. Ralph Draper, Chief of Police, Victor Mitchell and the members of the law enforcement community for the outstanding job they continue to do. 

The outpouring of concern for the families involved and for Spring students has been incredible. On yesterday, ministers held a meeting with the superintendent Draper and his staff. In that meeting we individually and collectively pledged our services and support to the staff and families in the Spring district on any level necessary to include counseling and other forms of support. We also agree that we can and must do a better job at impacting kids in our community.

Our children need to be influenced through positive messages, models and mentorships. They must learn other ways of resolving conflicts than through violence. They must learn to respect each other and to regard human life as sacred and each others lives as valuable. We must teach kids to be their brother’s keeper, not their brother’s killer. In the coming days, we will be working together on ways to make that happen. 

Today, we want the public to know that we are committed to standing with district leaders, and we are committed to working with parents and working together to make our neighborhoods and our schools safer. We realize that this begins in the hearts and minds of each individual.

We urge every student, parent, teacher and the rest of us to embrace the call to create safer places for all kids, at every school and every where else. We urge parents to make sure your son or daughter leaves home Monday morning prepared to not harm or violate anyone’s safety, including their own.

We may have differences, but we are all brothers and sisters!Together, we can make the difference. Thank YouBishop James Dixon,IISpokesman for the Spring Area Ministers Coalition