Press Release: Transgender widow of fallen firefighter announces historic plans to wed fiancé’ artist William Loyd, making the ultimate marriage equality statement outside of the courthouse following her appeal hearing at the 13th District Court Of Appeals at 901 Leopard Corpus Christi TX, on September 18, 2013.

Widow Nikki Araguz finally has her day in court and will appear before a panel of 3 Justices, Chief Justice Valdez, male and Judge Longoria and Rodriquez, both females. The hearing will be heard at 9am and will last approximately 1 hour allowing each side 20 minutes to argue the case. Following the hearing Nikki Araguz and William Loyd will emerge from the courthouse and immediately begin their ceremony uniting them legally in marriage here in Texas, leaving the world wondering if their marriage is legal then why isn’t her marriage to her late husband? Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz of Resurrection MCC will be officiating the ceremony.After 3 years of fighting to have her marriage legally re-instated following the ruling by Wharton County Judge Randy Clapp in 2010, just months after her husbands tragic and untimely death. Since then, Nikki Araguz has been in the news and overcome many challenges following the death and ensuing legal battles. While fighting, she happened to fall in love, open the successful The Starving Artist Gallery, begun production of a new reality show, American Dreams, with Houston based Lightning Strikes Entertainment, based on her love, life and her eclectic, talented group of artists. Nikki Araguz and her new family are featured in the documentary “Unbreakable Threads”, which also highlights Mayor Parker, Frank Billingsley and Famed Chef Monica Pope, premiering Sept 12 at 7pm at the River Oaks Theater.As if that isn’t enough, Ms. Araguz is also working on completing her documentary with filmmaker Cressandra Thibodeux that began production in 2011 just 8 months after the death of her husband and followed her through the first trial, including audio from inside the courtroom and details her pain and struggles. William and Nikki will be hosting a party at The Starving Artist Gallery tomorrow, Wednesday, September 11th from 6:00-10:00 to launch their new website and announce their wedding plans. All media are welcome to attend.

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  1. Zoe Brain September 14, 2013 2:52 pm 

    I don’t see how a man marrying a woman is the “ultimate equality statement”.

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