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Garrick Joker Hastings

It was last year when we first reported about a man who went by the street name the Joker.

27 year old Garrick Hastings was accused of brutally beating a suspected prostitute and then setting her on fire in Harris County.

He accused the victim of trying to steal $6000 from him.

This month a Harris County jury convicted Hastings on an aggravated assault charge and  sentenced him to 60 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Assistant Harris County District Attorney Samantha Knecht prosecuted the man who already had a lengthy criminal record.

She also says the victim survived the attack.

The original report:

26 year old Garrick Ian Hastings goes by the nickname Joker.  And now Harris County investigators have charged the former state inmate.  Hastings aka Joker is accused of brutally beating and setting a woman on fire.  Investigators say he left her for dead but the woman survived with 80% of her body sustaining burns.  Joker allegedly told a friend the woman – he claims was a hooker – tried to steal $6000 from him that’s when he tried to kill her.  Hastings made his first court appearance today in Harris County. Two others were arrested in the case with the Joker including Anita Pena who’s accused of kidnapping the female victim.

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  1. 60 years? No they should just shoot him like the mad dog he is !!!!

    1. That was my first thought too. Then I started thinking that it would be worse to spend 60 years locked up like an animal.

  2. This fool will do the entire 60 years. Doubt making
    parole for good behavior is in his future. Btw nice
    face tatoos douchebag. Not. Bwaaahaaa !

  3. He deserves to serve the 60 yrs n have petrol poured in his lap every year. N whoever did those tatts on his face needs a talking to. Hideous.

  4. A real winner, it is shame that he can’t suffer the same punishment he gave that girl!!!!!!! He’ll have it rough in prison!!!

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