Christopher Moore and Tom Brady

Keep in mind I’m getting this information through Twitter so here’s what I was able to put together.

Two Houston security officers say they were fired this weekend because they took a picture with the opposing team’s quarterback. 

Joel Williams and Christopher Moore both say they work security at Reliant stadium through a contract with the firm CSC Event Staff. 


Joel and Tom Brady

The workers say they were immediately fired after taking a picture with New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady Sunday.

The Texans played the Patriots this weekend and lost 31 to 34.

Moore later sent me an email saying they have taken pictures with celebrities and athletes before and it hasn’t caused a problem.

Williams was extremely upset in his tweets reaching out to local media outlets including yours truly.


Joel's tweets to me Sunday!

I don’t have the full story but I wanted to find out how you all feel about this with the limited information we have.

I have included the pictures they say caused their terminations.

I have reached for a comment from CSC and hopefully we can get a comment and the other side of this story!

Joe Williams sent me this email early Monday morning:

Hello Mr. Carey, and thank you for reaching out. After being released from duty I saw Tom ┬áBrady and asked for a picture, he politely agreed and my coworker and I got a picture with him. Immediately after the picture was taken, I was notified that I just lost my job. The holidays are coming and the CSC Reliant Security company let me know how little they think of, or respect their employees. So at the end of the day sir I feel like this situation I am in with them is bigger than me, and an entire group of…

Phone interview with Joel Williams:

Update Christopher Moore responds:

First of all thank you Mr.Carey for taking time out to respond t my message, however as I stated in the message I was fired from CSC event staff for taking a picture with Tom Brady after work today. I’ve taken pictures with people before and it hasn’t ever been brought to my attention as a problem. I mind you while working for this company I have never been reprimanded for any wrong doing since working there. After being relieved of my duties me and a coworker decided to get a picture with Tom Brady as we saw him in the hallway.( Whom by the way was very polite and open and willing to take the picture.)That is when security of the stadium saw it on camera, we were immediately at willed fired. Like I said we were relieved of our duties and have never received any reprimands while working for this company.