Press Release: Tomorrow, December 21st, will be a difficult day for Dazie Williams. It will mark precisely one year from the day her son, 22 year old Joshua Woods, was senselessly murdered in a robbery attempt.

The three young black males who have been charged with his murder wanted the pair of “air Jordan” sneakers that he’d just purchased from a nearby mall in northwest Houston.

All three now face capital murder charges.
       To add insult to injury, tomorrow is also the same day that Nike will release it’s new air Jordan sneaker; of which a frenzy, the same as last year, has been created through nike’s marketing strategy to sell this product.

Nike is aware of how and when her son was murdered, but has yet to accept responsibility and audaciously decided on release date that coincided with the day of Joshua’s murder. She has spoken to nike reps at length and she even recieved a phone call from Michael jorDan himself.

Since the murder of Joshua, Miss Williams has created a foundation called “life over fashion” that spreads the  mmessages human life over materialism. The website for her organization is
Dazie Williams, Community activists, family, friends and supporters will hold a press conference this evening to make a statement concerning the dangers associated with going to purchase these shoes tomorrow. For some There is a “by any means necessary” attitude associated with getting their hands on these shoes which creates a life-threatening atmosphere. this press conference is an attempt to advise the public to either “stay home” or be extremely careful; Petition law enforcement to make necessary adjustments in monitoring these crowds and to show community support for Dazie Williams and her family during this trying holiday season. Tomorrow miss Williams and activists will be at a local mall where these shoes will be sold educating consumers about life over fashion and encouraging them to sign the petition she has started in her son’s name.
Where: The Forward Times Newspaper Headquarters
Address: 4411 Almeda Rd. Houston, Texas 77004
What:   Press Conference
When:   TODAY, December 20, 2013