I was surprised when I learned there was an actual forest only a few miles from my house.

When you actually see it you feel like you could actually run into Snow White and the 6 or 7 dwarfs in the greenery camping out.

For years I didn’t even know the difference between a forest and the woods.

But there is a huge difference and W. G. Jones State Forest on 1488 at the edge of Conroe proves that.

The best thing – it’s absolutely free and open to you and your family during daylight hours.

I recommend taking your kids there so they can experience nature and an actual forest and not the woods behind your house!

More Information:

W. Goodrich Jones State Forest –1,722 Acres
Jones State Forest Project

This forest was purchased in 1926 and named after W. Goodrich Jones, the founder of the Texas Forestry Association and considered the Father of Texas Forestry. The healthy and productive forest that exists today is the result of public forest stewardship after heavy logging, devastating wildfires and insect epidemics that were common at the turn of the century.

Primary Purpose:
The primary purpose of this forest is resource education for all Texas citizens and visitors. Sound scientific forest management that protects and perpetuates native flora and fauna is practiced. The W.G. Jones State Forest is a working forest owned and administered by the Texas A&M Forest Service.

Educational Opportunities:
Forest resource education with demonstrations and nature study. Group educational tours available by appointment.

Recreational Opportunities: 
Bird Watching
Horseback Riding
Wildlife Viewing

Recommended Reading List: 
Native Texas Plants-Getting Started

Special Attractions:
Sweetleaf Nature Trail with State Champion Sweetleaf Tree, Red Cockaded Woodpecker (RCW) Management Area, Two small lakes with limited fishing and picnicking. Forest management demonstration sites exist throughout the forest.

For additional information about the Red Cockaded Woodpecker, please visit the research site of Dr. James Hanula.

Year around during daylight hours only. Office Hours are 8 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Texas State Forests are Game Sanctuaries with no firearms or hunting allowed.

More Information:
Additional information about maps, permits and restrooms is available at the Conroe District Office on F.M. 1488, 1.5 miles west of Interstate 45. Call the office at 936-273-2261.

Download a brochure with a color trail map and general information here