The Factor has learned the Houston Police Department is struggling to fill its latest cadet class for future cops.

In the past HPD has had at least 70 to 75 applicants in the class to become police officers.  There are only 30 applicants enrolled in the next class scheduled to begin Monday.

John Cannon with HPD confirms the number and says the department is disappointed. 

But he says there is no particular reason for the low enrollment. 

However, Cannon also says don’t expect the department to lower its standards in order to get more cadets.

Meanwhile, sources tell the Factor the main problem HPD faces is pay. 

That source says HPD’s compensation for cadets is significantly less than other departments around the state when it comes to its recruitment program. 

If you’re interested in signing up to see if you can make the cut follow the link below:

Phone is 713-308-1300 and Recruiting blog is at http://www.hpdblog.com/



“Like most every law enforcement agency in the nation, recruiting for the Houston Police Department has become a very challenging endeavor. The combination of a recovering economy and generally less interest in citizens pursuing a career in law enforcement means that more agencies are competing for fewer qualified candidates.


It should be noted that while the major departments in Texas have lowered their requirements to attract recruits, the Houston Police Department has maintained its high standards and will continue to do so. The citizens of Houston deserve no less.


Ideally, the Houston Police Department would like to staff each academy class with 70 qualified candidates. Unfortunately, Cadet Class 219 starting  February 3, 2014 will fall short of that goal.  In order to attract more qualified candidates, the Houston Police Department has made the following changes to our recruiting process:


·         The 200 mile recruiting limit has been expanded to the 48 contiguous United States

·         The one year residency requirement has been repealed

·         The starting salary for cadets and Probationary Police Officers has been competitively increased


As has been the practice of the Houston Police Department, recruitment of minorities, females and military veterans remains a vital aspect of fielding the most professional law enforcement agency in the nation.


For more information regarding employment opportunities with the Houston Police Department, please visit HPDCareer.com”