A Houston man has been fired from his job as a Harris County Sheriff’s Office civilian detention officer after being arrested and charged with the felony of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

As part of an internal affairs investigation, HCSO personnel arrested Dominique Duncan, 23, just outside the downtown jail complex Monday. He was illegally in possession of painkilling pills normally available only with a prescription.

He had joined the HCSO as a detention officer in May 2013.

After the charge was filed, Duncan was housed as an inmate in the same jail system in which he worked. Later he was released on $10,000 bail. His mug shot is attached.

“Almost all of the hundreds of detention officers and deputies who secure the Harris County jail system and guard inmates follow the rules and obey the law. Many of them perform heroically while out of sight of the law-abiding public,” Sheriff Adrian Garcia said. “But as a law enforcement agency, we also enforce the law against our own employees in the rare cases when they commit crimes. In the process, we build and maintain public confidence in our crucial operations.”