Beginning Friday, February 14, 2014 Roman Forest Police Officers along with over 300 law enforcement agencies will combine efforts across the state to search for people with outstanding warrants. On the Warrant Roundup arrest dates, persons with outstanding warrants may be arrested at home, work, school or wherever they can be found.

Roman Forest Judge Samaan urges persons with outstanding Roman Forest warrants for municipal fines to take advantage of her amnesty offer of fines being substantially reduced. The amnesty period will run until February 28th. Following that period, Chief Stephen Carlisle has planned a warrant round up of those who fail to take advantage of Judge Samaan’s generous amnesty offer.   Roman Forest Municipal Court will immediately release any Driver License holds once the debt is settled. “I strongly suggest that if you have a warrant in Roman Forest, you take advantage of the Judge’s kind offer,” Chief Carlisle said. “It would be embarrassing to be arrested at home in front of your family or at work.”

Avoid being arrested during this Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Contact the Roman Forest Municipal Court at 281-3997227 or Warrant Officer Joshua Sieman at 281-399-8182. Roman Forest Municipal Court 2430 Roman Forest Blvd, Roman Forest, TX 77357 281-399-7227