Some Houston Metro police officers say they’re essentially flying blind Sunday morning.

This is after the Factor has learned the public transit cops are working without a dispatcher Sunday morning.

The Factor has obtained an internal email that tells officers they won’t have a dispatcher to guide them on the streets Sunday morning.


The job of the dispatcher is to send the officers to various scenes or calls for service on the beat.

The dispatcher also warns officers if they’re stepping into a dangerous situation with a suspect and they verify and clear open warrants.

One Metro cop, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the state requires law enforcement agencies to have a certified dispatcher on duty at all times.

The memo indicates officers will be responsible for themselves on the streets.

It also says two ranking officers will try and guide the 10 to 15 officers on duty as much as they can.

Some Metro insiders say this is why it’s a good idea to merge Metro’s police force with the Houston Police Department.

The idea of a merger has been discussed in recent months.

One source says Metro cops are overworked and underpaid and that’s why it’s also difficult to staff the department with the basics like a dispatcher.

The Factor is reaching out to Metro for a comment or statement on this issue.