It was back in 2008 when the city’s Municipal Court system embarked on a project to become technologically advanced.  That project was the city’s C-Smart computer program.  It would handle various court functions from tickets to jury subpoenas. C-Smart has been under development for 6 years at a cost of $38 million to taxpayers.  Now officials with the court system are asking for an additional $4 million from Houston City Council to get the program started.  Houston City Councilman Michael Kubosh says absolutely not.  He calls the program a huge waste of taxpayers dollars with no guarantees it will ever work.  In the meantime, Kubosh says he plans to fight any additional funding the court system attempts to pour into the C-Smart program. The Mayor’s spokesperson Janice Evans is firing back with the statement below.  Kubosh says the proposal for an additional $4 million could go before City Council next week.  Stay tuned!
Mayor’s Office Statement:

“It sounds as if Council Member Kubosh is suggesting that the city abandon this new system.  That would be a waste of taxpayer dollars and leave the city court system, the largest in the nation, without the ability to function.   CSMART has been accepted by the municipal judges as being superior to the current system.  It is being developed in partnership with Sogeti as part of a fixed price contract.  Independent testing by a third party will be conducted and the city maintains the option of legal action if there are any problems.”

Janice Evans
Mayor’s Spokesperson