Just days after waiting more than a week for their late payroll checks employees at a local hospital received more bad news.

Theos workers at Riverside General received an insert Moinday in their payroll checks informing them they would have to take a reduction in salary.

The notice says because of the tough financial times the hospital is experiencing all employees will face the salary cut.

Those who work for the medical facility say the cut ranges from 10% to 20% for the next 90 days.

Some employees say they will weigh their options and decide if they want to continue working for the embattled institution.

It was back in 2012 when several employees at the hospital including the CEO were charged with Medicare fraud.

Statement from Riverside:

As you are aware, Riverside General Hospital has been facing certain financial difficulties, due to pending litigation. As directed by the Board of Directors we regretfully informed the employees that in an effort to continue employment of all of our valued staff, a reduction in pay was implemented. Employees will be reimbursed for the amount of reduced wages once revenues have increased.

Best Regards,

Syreeta Early

Assistant Administrator

Public Relations and Hospital Integrity

Riverside General Hospital