Frank Gordon Wehowsky, 57, was determined to get out of his Criminal Trespass charge. He walked into Chief Stephen Carlisle’s office at the Roman Forest Police Department and offered a bribe to drop his charges.

“It’s hard to believe; he walked right into my office and offered me a bribe to drop his charges,” said Chief Stephen Carlisle. “I played along but finally told him to leave and come back if he is serious. An hour later he returned with cash…”

This all started in January when Wehowsky showed up at Family Dollar in Roman Forest where a past coworker now works, who Mr. Wehowsky blames for ruining his life. Wehowsky received a Criminal Trespass Warning but returned the following week. The Victim perceived this as stalking. Roman Forest Sgt. Dimitri Jasonis arrested Frank Wehowsky for Criminal Trespassing on January 31st. Wehowsky then offered Sgt. Jasonis a bribe which was ignored.
On March 18, Frank Wehowsky approached Chief Carlisle in his office and offered a bribe to make the charge on him get dropped. Carlisle played along but told him to come back later if he was serious.

Amazingly, Wehowsky returned an hour later with cash money for the bribe to make his charges go away. Frank Wehowsky then met with Chief Carlisle in his office at the Roman Forest Police Department.
“I tried to give him every opportunity to back out of the bribe,” Carlisle said. “But he kept coming back.”

Wehowsky offered and gave Chief Carlisle the cash bribe in trade for the Chief to have the Montgomery County DA’s Office to drop the charge of Criminal Trespassing. Chief Carlisle then called Corporal Jimenez, who Mr. Wehowsky though was the DA, and told her to drop the Criminal Trespass charge on Mr. Wehowsky which was the code to take him into custody for Bribery.

“I am a man of integrity,” says Chief Stephen Carlisle. “The Roman Forest Police Department prides itself with its integrity and professionalism. I am appalled that someone would think that justice was for sale from myself or anyone in my department. As public servants, we are held to a higher standard, as we should be. Honesty and integrity are paramount.”