There seems to be a revolving door at the US Federal Courthouse in downtown Houston this morning when it comes to defendants.

Four of the six detainees appearing before US Magistrate Frances K. Stacy Tuesday are being accused of immigration related violations.

All of the defendants were deported by immigration last year but did an about face and came right back into the U.S.

One defendant was expelled as a result of being convicted of a felony the other was accused of being in the country illegally while also possessing a firearm.

All have been assigned a federal court appointed attorney who must also speak Spanish.

The other two defendants Tuesday morning before Judge Stacey are appearing for non immigration issues.

One man is accused of drug dealing (6 kilos of cocaine) and the second man is believed to be a homegrown terrorist who moved from New York to Houston.

That man who was arrested last week  allegedly wanted to blow up stuff and take back his country.

Just another morning in federal court!