The Factor has learned the new powerful energy company on the block has warned its employees to be very careful in downtown Houston.

NRG acknowledges their employees are being told some parts of downtown Houston could be dangerous…This is because of the homeless population we’ve learned from law enforcement sources.

The 1100 block of Main is seen as the homeless corridor during regular business hours. Large groups of the city’s homeless population congregate in the area a block away from NRG.

Sources tell The Factor the NRG warning came after a female downtown worker for the company was accosted in a contracted parking garage. A case the Houston Police Department acknowledges.

As a result of that we’ve learned HPD officers have been told to drive into that parking garage daily to make sure it’s secure.


NRG Statement:

NRG takes the safety and security of our employees very seriously. We have alerted our employees to incidents that we have been made aware of in the downtown area so that they can be vigilant and mindful of their surroundings as walk in the area. We have been working closely with the Houston Police Department and security personnel at all the downtown buildings where we operate to increase security and appreciate the response by all, including the significantly increased presence and patrols by the Houston Police Department.

David B. Knox
NRG Energy
1000 Main, Suite 2185

HPD Statement:

“The Central Business District is growing with significant new development recently completed, underway, or planned and imminent. Main Street serves as the center of the CBD and is a primary focal point for commerce, tourism, entertainment, etc. The Special Operations Division of the Houston Police Department is taking every step possible to make the downtown area and especially the Main Street corridor as safe and user friendly as possible. We are in regular contact with the downtown public, our stakeholders, and listen to their concerns regarding the quality of life in the downtown area. Also, we are actively analyzing data to include reported crimes like the one mentioned below and calls for service to determine the best allocation and assignment of our resources. From this data and public information sharing we have determined that we could make the greatest positive impact on public safety and confidence by deploying additional resources along the Main Street corridor and other high activity areas in the CBD. We check garages, alleys, and any other areas that might afford an individual or group to engage in criminal conduct. Managing the homeless population in the downtown area can be very challenging but we are working closely with multiple departments from all levels of government to address their needs as well as the concerns of the public at large.”