On Thursday April 3rd,  three (3) African-American women (Sally Prince, LaShondra Prince, & Mekell Prince) were viciously attacked by the employees of Chacho’s restaurant, located at Westheimer & Greenridge.

The argument started over a to-go cup, and the male employees without any decorous came from behind the counter and physically assaulted the women. – (Punching, grabbing, pulling hair, and even placing one of the women in a headlock & choke hold.) One manager has been terminated, but community leaders and activists demand the termination of all employees involved in this brawl, and those that failed to report it.  Community Leaders and Activists also demand that the Harris County District Attorney’s office file assault charges against those employees involved in the attack on the African-American women at the establishment.

Quanell X, New Black Panther Nation & New Black Muslims leader will be leading a protest tomorrow – (Sunday, April 6th @ 3:00PM) along with the victims, family, friends, and supporters of the women, at the same location where the incident took place. –(Chacho’s at Westheimer & Greenridge). “We are outraged at HPD, who has access to the video and did not make any arrest,” says Quanell X.    

WHAT: Community Protest

WHEN: Tomorrow!! (Sunday April 6th, 2014)

WHERE: (IN FRONT) Chacho’s Restaurant at Westheimer & Greenridge

TIME: 3:00PM