The stolen 2006 Kia Sorento, Silver and dark Grey in color SUV invovled in the Double Murder of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson has been recovered in Houston.

Yesterday evening the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office was notified that the vehicle missing in this case was found at a vehicle storage lot at 13523 Conklin in Houston.

The vehicle was recovered at the storage lot of the DeWitt Wrecker Service by a Houston Police officer who was there on an unrelated investigation and was asked by the Wrecker service to check it because it had no license plates on it. When the Officer checked the vehicle identification number, it was shown to be stolen in this case and reported it  to the Sheriff’s Office.  

The Sorento had been towed fromRitz Carabret, in the 10520 blk of the Gulf Freeway, in Houston after management called the wrecker service for the abandoned vehicle. This vehicle is considered to be key evidence in the on going investigation into Britney and Crystal’s murder.

The Sheriff’s Office Identification Division is processing the vehicle for evidence. Once the evidence is collected, the DNA, fingerprints and other evidence will be submitted to the FBI’s Crime Lab for analysis.



 Sheriff Henry Trochesset
Galveston County Sheriff’s Office