Houston police have arrested three additional suspects charged in the fatal shooting of a man at 4141 Barberry about 3:30 p.m. on March 18. 

One suspect, Derrick Vigne Taylor (b/m, 20), is charged with capital murder in the 176th State District Court.  Two other suspects, Kenneth Taylor (b/m, 18) and Anthony Ford (b/m, 19), are charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in the 208th State District Court.  A juvenile male, 16, was also arrested and referred to Harris County Juvenile Probation authorities on a capital murder charge. 

Adrian Brazile (b/m, 22) was previously arrested and charged with murder in the 351st State District Court. 

All five suspects are accused in the shooting death of Daniel Rankin 20, of Houston. 

Photos of Brazile, Kenneth Taylor, Derrick Taylor and Anthony Ford are attached to this news release.

(Man seeking justice)

HPD Homicide Division Sergeant J. Robles and Officer R. Klementich reported:

Mr. Rankin went to the above address to look for suspects who had robbed his sister.  Rankin then confronted a group of males he thought had committed the robbery.  Brazile was in the group, and witnesses reported seeing him pull out a gun and shoot Rankin, who then ran but died a few blocks from the incident.

Brazile was arrested several hours later without incident. 

Further investigation identified the juvenile male, Kenneth and Derrick Taylor, and Ford as additional suspects in this case.  All four were taken into custody and subsequently charged.