Press Release: Join us this Wednesday, April 30th for a rally at City Hall! We’ll gather on the steps of City Hall at 1:15 for a brief rally before moving up to City Council Chambers to attend the Quality of Life Committee’s hearing on the proposed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. Mayor Annise Parker has released a draft of the proposed Equal Rights Ordinance to protect the Civil Rights of everyone in our city. The committee is seeking testimony from the public, and we hope you’ll join us to tell your stories. If you plan to attend the City Council meeting, please bring a photo ID, as one is required to enter City Hall. There is limited street parking in downtown, but the Jones Plaza Parking Garage is a great option. You can see a map here.

The opponents of this ordinance say there is no more discrimination in Houston. We know that’s just not true. Just last month an African American couple was strip searched by a store owner because he suspected them of stealing a pair of $3.99 earrings. Last year a parking lot on the West side put up a sign that said “NO MUSLIM PARKING.” It’s time to end discrimination in our city, and the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is an important first step.

Houston is the only major American city without a local ordinance to protect its residents from discrimination. No person should be turned away from a restaurant, or fired from their job because of who they are. Houston’s better than that. While federal law prohibits discrimination against many classes, seeking justice can be a long, expensive process. Under this ordinance, Houstonians would be able to bring their complaint before a local arbiter. If you have questions about the proposed ordinance, you can get answers here.

For several months Texans Together has been engaging community leaders all over our City to grow support for the Equal Rights Ordinance. Through our petition, we’ve gathered thousands of signatures from Houstonians of all walks of life who believe the law should protect us from discrimination. If you’d like to join our fight, please Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter.