Press Release: Mayor Parker’s Big Government, personal, social agenda for the City of Houston must be stopped!  There should be no more special privileges for her special interests.  Mayor Annise Parker wants to pass an ordinance that grants protected status and treats transgender, transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual conduct the same as race, sex, ethnicity and disability.  Furthermore, in violation of the State Constitution and the Texas Defense of Marriage Act, she wants special protections to be provided to same sex marriages that are not recognized under Texas law.  She fails to recognize that over 75% of all Texans voted to amend the Texas Constitution to define marriage as the relationship between one man and one woman.

Mayor Parker’s goals are clear:  1) Recognition of same sex marriage, 2) punishing business and individuals for their faith when it doesn’t line up with her personal liberal agenda, 3) muzzling of the clergy and Christian media, 4) granting of special privileges and rights in the law to those who are transsexual, transvestites, or homosexual, and 5) universal acceptance of the transsexual/transgender lifestyle.

Under the Mayor’s ordinance, you will not be able to exercise your religious freedom, but will be coerced to accept and do business in a manner that may be inconsistent with your faith.

Here are a few of the penalties that may be levied on those who refuse to submit to the Mayor’s ordinance: 

1. The 501(c)(3) I.R.S. classification may be removed from faith-based ministries that refuse to marry homosexuals or discriminate against them in hiring.

2. There will be lawsuits against pastors and churches for refusing to marry homosexuals.

3. Criminal charges of hate speech and/or hate crime will be brought against individuals that teach what the Bible says about homosexuality.

4. Federal and state governments will require all public and private schools, and ultimately churches and faith-based institutions to teach children that transsexual behavior is an acceptable and normal lifestyle.

5. Parental rights will be subjugated to the demands of the GLBT movement.

6. Men may dress like women and use women’s bathrooms. All the transvestite has to say is that they are “Transgendered.”

I am shocked that the Houston Partnership recently caved into Mayor Parker’s big government, personal, social agenda for the City of Houston.  Please lead your neighbors, community, organization, business or church to oppose this terrible ordinance.

Please do not surrender to Annise Parker and her radical personal, social agenda for the City of Houston.  Do not allow her or anyone else to intimidate you into sacrificing your values on the altar of political correctness.

Please call and email ALL At-Large Council members, the Mayor and your City Council District representative (list below) to respectfully insist they vote NO on this ordinance (a sample script is provided below).

Please attend and testify at Houston City Council Public Testimony session Tuesday, May 6 at 1:30 pm (be there at least one hour early, Houston City Hall, 901 Bagby. (Sign up at the City Secretary’s Office (832.393.1100) AT LEAST ONE DAY BEFORE THE MEETING.)