Press Release: KCOH is pleased to announce that we have orchestrated a donation drive to benefit those that were affected by the tornado that hit Tupelo, Mississippi on April 28, 2014.

After hearing of the devastation that hit the southern region of the country, KCOH has assembled a team to take action in getting much needed items to those in highly affected areas. We contacted radio station WESE 92.5 (Urban Hip Hop), General Manager Mark Maharrey, and radio personality Kelli Karlsen to make sure that we targeted those with the least amount of accessibility. Maharrey and the team at WESE 92.5 have agreed to announce over the airwaves that the donation drive is to happen, and that assistance is on the way.  


We have teamed up with Penske Trucks, H-E-B, Tru Balance, Pure Water and Fast Signs of West Houston to create a strong communication and travel team to get donated items to Tupelo, MS as quickly as possible. Donations will be accepted at the KCOH station at 5011 Almeda Rd. Houston, TX 77004, May 5th – 9th at noon. If you’d like to be a part of our disaster relief efforts team, we ask you to please donate non-perishable items.  


Donations will be taken to Tupelo, MS starting the afternoon of Friday May 9th. Those in need will have access to the items immediately after arrival.  


We look forward to your donations, and helping those in need after the devastating storms.