Michelle McCalope, an award-winning journalist who has worked in nearly every facet of the media industry,  has written a book called “Good Job” – A guide to getting the job and career you really want.”   The book is about taking risks, following your passion, and not being afraid to go after your dreams.

It is targeted to students and recent graduates who are trying to figure it out,  adults who are stuck in dead-end jobs and want to transition to a different career, and anyone else who just wants to do more and be more.

“I’ve had many jobs over the course of my career,” McCalope says.  “And I’ve learned that it’s not a good job if it’s not a good job for YOU.  I want to encourage people find a job or career that they really enjoy, not just one that pays the bills.” 

After graduating from Southern University in Baton Rouge, she moved hundreds of miles away from home to work as a paid general assignment reporter intern at the Grand Rapids Press in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That was followed by stints in Muskegon, Michigan; Chicago; Houston; Beaumont, Texas, and now her hometown of Baton Rouge.

Her work has been featured in the Grand Rapids Press, the Muskegon Chronicle, JET magazine, Time magazine, People magazine, the Houston Chronicle, Emerge magazine, and O (Oprah’s) magazine. She’s worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor and writer, public and government affairs representative, television reporter and substitute anchor, and web producer. McCalope likes to say she was multimedia before multimedia was cool. In addition,  she’s also been a successful entrepreneur –working as a freelance writer and public relations consultant.

“Fear is the number one reason many people stay in dead-end jobs or careers they hate,” McCalope says.  “But you have to learn to move forward despite the fear if you’re ever going to realize your dreams.”

The book teaches you how to deal with the fear, how to develop a plan to get what you want, how to conduct informational interviews, and the importance of having the right attitude and taking advantage of opportunities that come your way.  To purchase the book, go to

Michelle McCalope