Update: After our original report aired on Fox 26 I received a call from Sam Bara.

He owns Elite Collision in Houston.

Bara says he wanted to show that every auto shop is not bad.

The Houston businessman fixed Williams’ car, provided her with a free rental, and gave her a check to pay the toll charges someone at the other collision shop alleged racked up on her vehicle.


Original Report:

When we met with Cassandra Williams she was near tears from the frustration.

She says, “you know I’ve already been off from work depressed dealing with some stuff and to top it off my vehicle I can’t utilize that I’m paying $700 note and no warranty.”

Williams says her problems began with her 2013 Dodge Charger last year.

She hit an armadillo and cracked her bumper and the radiator started leaking.

So Williams says she took her vehicle here to USA Auto Collision to be repaired under her insurance.

Now she says she can’t even drive the 2013.

“I took my car to them four or five times radiator has been changed twice parts looking like they used parts and I mean it’s just so much,” says Williams.

But here’s the kicker…according to Williams paperwork while her car was at USA for a full month she learned through her toll bill that someone at the shop had been driving her car on a daily basis.

She has an EZ tag on her windshield.

Williams says, “I looked on my statement and noticed on December 2 of 2013 my vehicle was utilized for the entire month. I know I didn’t have it, it was at USA Collision.”

We went to USA Auto Collision where we met with the listed manager Richard Gonzales.

Conversation:  (Isiah) “We’re here about Cassandra William’s car… (Richard) Cassandra Williams? OK come on back. Just you sir. (Isiah) Well no I don’t go anywhere without my camera. (Richard) OK then well when you want to talk to me without the camera that’s fine. (Isiah) Well here’s the thing we want to ask you how your employee or you or someone here at this shop used her car without her authorization on the toll road. (Richard) Sure come on. (Isiah) With my camera. (Richard) No without your camera I would like to speak with you first. (Isiah) I have to take my camera with me. (Richard) I understand sir if you can’t that’s fine.”

We went back and forth with Mr. Gonzales and ultimately he said he wanted Williams to give him a call but he would not commit to repairing her vehicle or reimburse her for the toll charges on her car.

In the meantime, with a 2013 she can’t drive Williams is moving forward with filing criminal charges for unauthorized use of her vehicle by someone at the shop for the month it was in their possession…

Williams says, “I take it to you to do a professional job and you’re utilizing my vehicle and now it’s sitting up here.”