Metro bus officials say they’re beefing up patrols after a shooting on a bus last weekend.

Our sources say one man pulled a gun on another after an argument on a Metro bus at the Mesa terminal.

The shot was actually fired on the bus but no one was hit.

Metro confirms the incident and released this statement to the Factor:

One shot was fired on bus, bullet went through window. Most teens fled the bus shortly after that shot was fired. 

One of two teenaged boys who remained on bus was punched in the face during the initial fight. 

This happened at the  Mesa Transit Center, late Saturday night.

Let me know if you have something else from some other location. 

As for any statement from us it would be:

“METRO Police will increase patrols in that area and deploy plain clothes officers on the route as part of the on-going investigation.”


Victor Rodriguez

METRO Chief of Police