Billboard revealed that the estimated net worth of Michael Jackson is larger than what it was when he was still alive. Billboard claimed that the MJ Inc. acquired a total revenue of not less than $1 billion a year after his death due to the artist’s new record deal with Sony Music which would extend until 2017, plus his successful concert films. Billboard deeply examines the various revenue streams that have entered the Jackson estate from 2009-2010.

Net Worth: $1 Billion – As of 2011
Music Sales Value: $429 million
Film/TV Value: $392 million
Music Publishing Value: $130 million
Licensing/Touring Value: $35 million
Recording Contract Value: $31 million

According to Nielsen Soundscan, the Jacksons and the Jackson 5 have only sold around 800,000 albums, while Michael Jackson has been able to sell a staggering 98 million units of his albums in the United States. In 2009, Michael Jackson sold a total of 24 million units outside of the United States. With a retail price of $11.62 per unit, Jackson has generated around $383 million in total sales.

SoundScan revealed that Michael Jackson’s songs have earned a total of 12.9 Million track downloads in the last twelve months across the United States. Billboard further claimed that the total download worldwide totaled to 26.5 million units which gives a net value of $34 million.

There has been a sudden flux of ringtone sales in the United States after the artist’s death in 2009. It generated a total sales copied of 1.5 million Meanwhile, its global ringtone sales are estimated to be 3 million. At a price of $2 per unit, its ringtone revenue gives a net value of $5 million.

MJ Inc. has also generated money from digital performance royalties and subscription services which amounted to a total of $2 million.

About 13% of the total revenue generated from single track downloads represents the digital performance royalties of the United States. A total of $4.5 million was generated worldwide for the artist’s digital performances.

Sony Pictures offered AEG with $60 million for the rehearsal footage of Michael Jackson. Released on October 28, 2009, “Michael Jackson: This Is It” earned a total of $72 million which makes it as the top-grossing concert film ever according to the

A total of $188 million was earned overseas where $56 million of which comes from Japan alone. It is believed that as high as 90% of the recouped investment of over $35 million from the canceled shows of the artist has actually flowed into Jackson’s estate.

Since its release in January 26, a total of 2.7 million units of “This Is It” DVD were sold in the United States which earned a total of $43 million in revenue. The Nash Information Services claimed that the rental revenue of the DVD totaled to $25 million.

The film was sold as a component of the “This Is It” package for the PS3. On its premier day of release, DVD sales have gone as high as $18 million. A total of 351,000 Blu-Ray copies have been purchased which add about $7 million to the total revenue.

In 2009, Viacom bought the exclusive rights to air “This Is It” on the company’s BET and MTV family of Networks which include Palladia, VH1, BET and MTV for six years. The deal is estimated to cost more than $15 million.

Because of its family-friendly PG rating, the film can be aired outside of the traditional theaters which include hotel chains, cruise ships and airplanes. The cost of the licensing fees is estimated to be around 7% of the film’s total revenue. The amount varies according to the movie and its reach plus the length of time it will be aired after its initial screening in theaters.

From its minimum value of $75 million in the year 2005, Jackson’s Publishing Company, Mijac, is now estimated to have a total value of about $150 million. It is claimed that the company is generating total revenue of around $25 million every year and in the past 12 months, its revenue could have doubled to $50 million.

Jackson is also a co-owner of Sony/ATV which was found in 1995. During the time of acquisition, Sony/ATV is estimated to worth around $1.6 billion. This gives Michael Jackson a total share of $800 million. Every year, Jackson gets a portion of the company’s total revenue which amounts to $80 million.

Despite the cancellation of the This Is It Tour in London, the organizers also obtained great revenues. Some fans opted to retain their tickets as souvenirs and the non-refunded ticket brought in a total sale of $6.5 million. Meanwhile, its Bravado’s This Is It concert brought in a total of $5 million.

AEG produces an exhibit of Michael Jackson’s memorabilia in Japan and it has brought in a staggering $3.5 million to Jackson Estate. There are plans of having the exhibit in China.

According to sources, Bravado got a $10 million advance from the new deal with the Jackson Estate.

Some insiders tipped that the retail sales and licensing royalties made another $10 million as revenue. But there are rumors that the actual sales were much higher.

Just this week, Ubisoft announced that they are releasing a dance-oriented videogame during the holiday season. However, licensing fees are not still revealed.

Some sources claimed that there were no cash advances taken from the estate’s deals with Las Vegas residency and Cirque de Soleil. The startup costs were shared by the cirque and the estate, and the revenues will be taken from the ancillaries and box-office receipts.

Billboard claimed that the O2 shows would earn up to $100 million and possibly, another 15 million. Should the run had been completed successfully, AEG would have had offered a 36-month global tour for Michael Jackson.

The Sony Music Entertainment closed a deal with the Jackson Estate which involves the release of Michael Jackson’s songs until 2017. The album contains unreleased tracks which are expected in November while the reissue of “Off the Wall” can be expected next year. The estate gets around $200 million-$250 million with the closing of the deal. Some portion of the said amount was already paid in advance. Considering the contract which will extend through the 2017, Jackson Estate can expect $31 million revenue each year.