Press Release: Zoe Gibbons (a recent graduate of La Marque High School) wants to make a difference in the world and continue to carry the equality torch by using her art piece that will be on display in a tunnel on Capitol Hill for a year.

Zoe won the Congressional Art Competition for the 14th Congressional District. Her art piece titled, “The Fabric of America” depicts a white woman and a black man morphed together.


Her own life experiences inspired her to create the piece. Zoe is white, her mother is Iranian and her half-brother is African American. “I was inspired by my brother because we’re different races. He’s black and we’ve shopped in the same stores and gone to the same school and everywhere we go we’re perceived differently,” said Gibbons.

Zoe is a recent high school graduate of the school district that I work for. I wanted to contact you to see if you would be able to interview her about this matter “The Fabric of America.” She just returned from Washington, D.C. where her art piece was unveiled on Capitol Hill. After returning from Washington she had this to say about the biggest lesson she learned while she was there… Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in.” Though I can hardly compare myself to the works of MLK Jr., I try to live by this expectation.

The biggest lesson that I learned while I was in Washington, D.C. was that no matter what odds are against you, always stand up for what you believe in peacefully-in my case through my artistic expression of an issue this nation has suffered through the centuries. It inspired and renewed my spirit to carry my message forward and further, not only to express my personal experience, but to join in the life long journey we all must continue to strive for-equality.